HOTST was started because parents were concerned about what would happen to their kids after high school.  Where would they go, what would they do?  The money raised for this organization helps them learn social, life and work skills. We have a computer lab, sewing machines, a kitchen, and volunteers to help with these learning stations.  We learn to count money, how to shop for groceries and how to win and lose at games gracefully.  We go out in the public to restaurants, museums, and other places to practice our social skills.  We give back to the community by helping with organizations like Meals on Wheels and Honor our Troops.  We have made cookies and taken to the police headquarters and all the fire stations in Odessa to say thank you for their service.  We will be sharing the next few days some stories from parents about some of the successes the “kids” have experienced.


You can make a difference!

It is very rewarding to know you have helped someone achieve a goal. Tomorrow you have a chance to help a young adult to become more self sufficient! Please consider a one time gift or a monthly gift for House of the Sycamore Tree!


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